Animal Communications offers many great things for our animals, whether dog, cat, bird, snake, horse, chicken, cow, llama or other wonderful creature that are special to us.  As we bond with our animals we can often times feel what they want or need however there are times our own emotions get to involved or we are unable to read them.  This is where Trish can help you both as her many services include:

  • Working with rescue groups to help the animals adjust to the changes in their lives and prepare them for their new homes.
  • Helping animals understand moving, needing to placed in another home, their human’s passing, a new baby (human), divorce and many other changes in life.
  • Helping determine how the animal feels, often times providing information that can be relayed to their veterinarian so they can better treat them.

Spiritual Life Coaching  can help us find that safe place to restore the balance in our lives that we are missing.  Life for humans can often times be overwhelming and challenging in today’s society.  Rediscovering the tools and how to use them to create that balance and find our passion can quickly turn your life from upside down to making daily steps to discovering your passion, living your passion and finding the joy you experienced as a child.  Trish can help you achieve these things by giving you the tools and helping you to understand how to use them to be empowered.

  • Find your passion, release old blocks, self-discovery.
  • Past lives, understanding old patterns and how to step out of them to enjoy life.
  • Balance chakras, grounding, clearing space.
  • Creating the life you desire, by taking some very specific steps with quick and remarkable results.