As we look around at people in our neighborhood, where we work, family, friends, ourselves, even the movie stars and sports figures on TV we see people that have different “stuff”. Some have expensive cars and homes, others take expensive vacations, wear the most stylish clothes, wonderful careers great relationships. Others have older cars that are always in need of repairs, modest homes, many struggle to make their paychecks stretch until the next paycheck comes in, challenging relationships or seem to always be looking for something that is just out of their reach they feel will make them happy. Some are happy no matter what they have dealt with in life and others are never happy no matter how great their lives look to others.

No matter how different each of their lives are they all have at least one thing in common and that is “their words.” No matter what physical things we have or don’t have we all have our words, which are the foundation of so much in life.

Your words can either build someone up or tear them down in a split second. Words can be a lifeline for someone going through a difficult time in their lives or suffering from depression. They can be what gives them hope to carry on with their lives or to push themselves just a little further to achieve that long awaited goal they have had.

What do your words mean to your animals? Their understanding may be slightly different than a humans understanding however your words have a great impact on your animals. Animals use your words to get “part of your message” and they use your emotions and pictures in your mind to put the whole message together. Humans also use your emotions to interpret your full message. Words can be laced with sarcasm, anger, love, compassion and everything in between.

What if you and all of those around you didn’t have the homes, jobs, clothes, education, or all the other stuff we tend to identify ourselves with? What would you have, who would you be?

Your words are a reflection of YOU, of who you are. What you believe will be revealed in the words you use when you speak to others. YOU create your life through your words and your words reflect your beliefs. Do your words reflect the part of you that you want others (human and animals) to see? Only you can control what comes out of your mouth so use your words carefully so they can support the person you desire to be on this life’s journey.

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