When I was growing up I remember hearing my mother say I needed to “forgive” when someone hurt me, physically or emotionally.  I repeated this with my own kids when they were young.  Granted these things are important and help us get past whatever it was that happened and feel (somewhat) like we had a new start in the relationship.
I was never taught to “forgive myself” as a child.  Over the years as I have learned about life from a spiritual understanding “forgiving ourselves” is so VERY important.
Most likely we have each done something we regretted, sometimes immediately.  Was it always easy to forget about some of those times or has it traveled with you through the years.  You know one of those annoying memories that you still feel embarrassed about.  Or maybe it was an opportunity you didn’t take that may have changed your life in good ways that years later you still regret.
As you mature you may look back to a time in your childhood to how your reaction might have been inappropriate at that time.  Even though you can now “see” you need to let it go you can’t quite seem to get it cleared out.
Remember your emotions in these moments come from “where you are (were)” in life at that moment.  Your today wisdom may have a clearer understanding however that little person then did not have your today’s wisdom.  Maybe that little person could benefit from you helping them forgive themselves.
While you are in the forgiving mode, make a list of things you have done that still pop into your awareness you would like to let go and begin forgiving yourself for each of them.

  • Forgive yourself for being impatient with your family when you were tired.
  • Forgive yourself for giving up on a goal you had, then decide if that goal still has a place in your life.
  • Forgive yourself for being distracted when you really did want to be there for a friend or family.
  • Forgive yourself for not being perfect (remember you are human and no human is perfect)
  • Forgive yourself ____________ (you fill in the blank.

As you forgive yourself you will begin to feel different, usually around your heart chakra, and then you will see little shifts in the way you see and feel about your life.  You will begin to transform yourself, just like the butterfly, into something more beautiful than you ever imagined.

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