Animal Communicator Trish Burrows

  • What would it be like to have a better understanding about how your animals feel regarding things in their lives?
  •  How would you feel about having them better prepared for a move, marriage, divorce, or a new family member? 
  • Would it help you to care for them better if you knew where their body wasn't feeling well? 

Animal Communications offers many great things for your animals, whether they are dog, cat, bird, snake, horse, chicken, cow, llamas or other wonderful creatures that are special to you. As you bond with your animals you can often times feel what they want or need however there are times your own emotions get to involved or you are unable to read them. This is where Trish can help you both. Her many services include:

  • Working with rescue groups to help animals adjust to the changes in their lives and prepare them for their new homes.
  • Helping animals understand moving, needing to be placed in another home, their human's passing, a new baby (human), divorce, being boarded, and many other changes that can occur in the lives of their humans.
  • Helping determine how the animals feel, often times providing information that can be relayed to their veterinarian so they can better treat them.
  • Preparing them for surgery and helping prepare them for their own transitioning.