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Over the years Trish Burrows has helped thousands of animals and humans through her animal communications and spiritual life coaching.  Here are some comments from a few of her clients, in their own words.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Trish for several years and consider her my personal friend.  She has done a couple of readings for me, my daughter and a co-worker. All very accurate and helpful. Trish , did an in depth reading for my cat a couple of years ago.  I sent her an email with very detailed questions in which she asked my cat.  The reading was amazing and I still go back to reference it.  I highly recommend Trish’s pet communication.  And all the other services she has to offer.

 Mary Walker

Even though I have never physically met Trish, I feel I know her very well as we have communicated via telephone and emails for almost 20 years! I am proud to say I consider Trish to be a very close friend. She has helped me with my personal animals, my friends and relatives animals and almost as importantly, with our Rescue Mastiffs.

Trish is the one who taught me that when we get a Rescue Mastiff into our Friends Of Rescued Mastiffs, Inc., rescue program; that they have a new life with us and therefore it is easy on the Rescue Mastiff to have a new name. New life, new name!

My husband, Mike, never quite believed that Trish could actually talk with our animals until one day he left a snake cage open and his kingsnake, Scarecrow, decided to go exploring. Kingsnakes are famous escape artists, and this was not the first time he had gotten out of his cage. We searched and searched and no sign of Scarecrow. All this happened in the space of probably 15 minutes. I called Trish and ask for her help. Scarecrow said he was on something old and wooden.  Not too many things old and wooden in our living room, my grandmother’s old push peddle sewing machine, a cedar chest, some foot stools, and none of them had a Scarecrow with them. I asked Trish to ask Scarecrow to poke his head out. The next thing Trish and I heard was OOOHHH S**t coming from my husband. Scarecrow was on my grandmother’s little wooden chest which lived behind Mike’s chair in the living room. Since that time, he actually understands, in his heart and in his mind, what Trish can do!

Another example, this time from my Mom, who always wanted to believe, but never actually witnessed Trish’s amazing ability was when I called Mom to help me take my Pomeranian to the emergency clinic.  Itsy Bitsy Betsy (the Pom) was in the kitchen and my 230 pound Mastiff was laying on the floor. He shook his head and his ear smacked Betsy in the eye, dislodging the eye from the socket. He didn’t mean to do it, just one of those freak accidents. Betsy was screaming, as you can imagine little dogs do. I could not hold her and drive at the same time, so I called Mom to come over and hold Betsy while I drove to the clinic.  While we are driving to the clinic, I called Trish on the phone, asked her to please let Betsy know we were taking her to the clinic to get some help; that the Mastiff didn’t mean to hurt her. I asked Trish to please ask Betsy to stop the screaming and Mom had her eye witness account when Betsy suddenly stopped screaming.

My little “corginese” (Corgi daddy, Pekinese momma) at 15 years old was in congestive kidney failure and was on subcutaneous fluids, which eventually was twice a day. Like a human getting dialysis. I was concerned about her quality of life, and I think I asked Trish to talk to her weekly, to make sure what I was seeing, that she was a happy camper, was what actually was happening. People can have a tendency to sometimes see what they want to see. After two years, Gin-Gin told Trish that she wanted help to go to Rainbow Bridge, but that she wanted all of her family there. We scheduled a dinner party with my family so everyone got to tell her good bye. Then my veterinarian came to the house and quietly, gently helped her to go to cross over and go to Rainbow Bridge.

Trish has helped me help a lot of animals and her friendship and ability is priceless to me. Whether it is my own animals or our rescues; she has been able to help them both in life and transiting them over to death.  Trish has helped me to learn how to talk with my beloved pets and our rescues.  Tell them what you want, visualize what you want to happen and stay away from the negatives.  Walk quietly on the leash, and not to think do not pull me while walking on the leash.

One of my first foster failures was a sweet shy little Mastiff who was terrified to go outside by herself. She would easily walk outside while on leash, but once the leash came off, she would bolt inside. With Trish’s help, we learned to go in and out calmly and peacefully. She would hide under the kitchen table when Mike came home as she was afraid of men. He would toss her popcorn while sitting in his chair. It took a while, but Sarah-Gem learned to come closer and closer to get her popcorn, finally learning to come ask for popcorn from Mike.

Trish has helped my Mom’s cats over the years as well. Most felines, if they live long enough, experience congestive kidney disease which Mom’s cats did. Thanks to Trish, they learned that when I went over to give them fluids, they actually did feel better.  Trish helped us to learn where the cats were most comfortable to accept receiving the fluids. It took awhile before Mom wanted another cat in her life, and now, Trish is helping Mom with her new rescue kitty.

I could go on and on about all the animals Trish has helped me with throughout the years. She’s been able to touch the lives of several hundred Rescue Mastiffs, from those who were abused to those whose previous owner’s could just no longer give them the quality of life they deserved. Trish has learned that snakes can be good “people” too and that they are generally calm temperaments. I think Trish has enjoyed talking with our snakes over the years. Trish has helped our Mastiffs, mixed breed dogs, cats, squirrels, possums and snakes over the years and hopefully will continue to do so.

Anne H.,  Houston, Texas

Trish helping by talking to Baron (rottweiler) and easing his transition to Rainbow Bridge, help me to deal with my daughter’s emotions who wasn’t ready to let him go. Just knowing how to help her and him both was a blessing and a comfort to me.

She helped Jack (rottweiler) settle into his new home and helping Tari (horse) overcome learning to deal with going blind in one eyes.  All the while me dealing with my husband’s illness was truly comforting to me.  Just knowing that I didn’t have to worry about them during that time was so helpful.   She is a very special person.


Working with Trish has totally changed the health and wellbeing of my pets.  For over ten years, Trish’s work with my dogs has produced incredibly healthier and happier animals.  Her insight into the emotions of animals has given me a greater understanding and, thus, a richer relationship with my pets, and all wildlife.

All animal needs,  large or small, emergency or daily support, are embraced with a kind and loving  heart.  If you desire healthier, happier animals, lower vet bills, and peace of mind…….schedule a session with Trish… will not be disappointed!

In addition, I have experienced great personal and professional growth through Trish’s guidance and work. Her spiritual energy consults have allowed me to identify and release negative blocks, enabling me to achieve desired goals in relationships and career.

Trish’s energy work, spiritual insight, and guidance continue to support my spiritual growth and life journey in the most positive light.

L.H., Dallas, Texas

Trish has been working with me for decades.  Not only has she been instrumental in the spiritual care of and for my animals, I always turn to her for guidance in my life.  She is a calming (and completely accurate) influence who is always there for her clients and friends.  My life is better having her in it, and I love Trish very much!

Denise Philp, Nashville, TN

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