Trish Burrows

Animal Communicator, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Worker

Trish has been a professional ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR since 1998. She has been able to communicate with animals since childhood and as an adult worked with several mentors to fine tune her skills. 

Trish has worked with clients to clarify behavior issues from the animal's perspective to better understand the training conditioning needed to achieve the goals of their humans. She has worked with rescue groups as they assess animals in their care as well as helping the animals understand they are safe and why they are in rescue. She has worked with some of these animals through the whole rescue process and even after they have been re-homed, reducing the stress and confusion they often go through. Trish has prepared animals for household moves, boarding, divorces, additions to the family (human or animal), plus other situation that might come into their lives. She has often helped animals as they prepare for their own transitioning and to help their humans through this process. Trish has worked with sick animals to help relay areas of discomfort so their humans can provide this information to their veterinarians so they can quickly treat areas of concern. 

Trish began her work as a SPIRITUAL LIFE COACH in 2001 when she discovered many of her clients had issues she had experienced and resolved in herself through working with spiritual coaches and mentors. Through her own intuitive abilities and her knowledge she began helping some of her clients. The success of her clients began to spread and others contracted her for help. Over the years this following has increased to inspire her to develop a program to dive deep into the common issues she has seen in her clients. It covers the common core issues and their connecting factors that when understood and implemented into their lives they experience amazing changes and discover the life they have dreamed of. 

Trish also does Past LIfe Regressions, Chakra Balancing, Body Energy work (on animals and humans) and Clearing Spaces (homes and offices). 

Trish's passion is to help people and to educate them as she believes this empowers them to become more independent and the confident person they deserve to be. 

All of Trish's work is done at a distance, over the phone or through emails. She has clients around the world and client referrals continue to weekly. 

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