About Trish

Trish has been a professional Animal Communicator since 1998.  She worked with several mentors to fine tune her skills prior to this and continues to learn through the animals she works with daily.  She has been able to communicate with animals since childhood.  In her early years before she established her first website all her clients were through referrals which quickly extended around the world.  She has worked with dogs, cats, horses, cows, llamas, birds, and snakes.

Trish has worked with clients to clarify behavior issues from the animals perspective to better understand the training conditioning needed to achieve the goals of their humans.   She has worked with rescue groups as they assess animals in their care as well as helping the animals understand they are safe and why they are in rescue.  Some of these animals she has worked with through the whole rescue process and even after they have been re-homed, reducing the stress and confusion these animals often experience.  Trish has prepared animals for household moves, boarding, divorces, and the additions to the family (human and/or animals), plus other situation that might come into their lives.  She has helped animals prepare for their own passing as well as understanding the passing of a family member.   Trish has helped the surviving animals and humans through the grieving process.

There have been times Trish has worked with clients and their veterinarians to identify areas in the body where there was a discomfort or an imbalance.  Often this information she has provided has been adequate information to help veterinarians determine the appropriate treatment for a full recovery.

Trish began her work as a Spiritual Life Coach in 2001 after several years of some intense work with several mentors.  Through this work she discovered the explanations to why she would “get information” that others around her did not seem to be aware of.  This natural ability is an asset to help her clients move quicker to where they would like to be in life. Lives can be changed quickly through some simple consistent steps as she guides her clients through this work.  As she works with her clients the process is customized to meet each individuals needs and at the pace each clients wants to work.

Trish also does  Past Life Regressions, Chakra Balancing, Body Energy Work, and Clearing Spaces (houses and office).

Trish likes to educates her clients in ways to help them apply things they learn through her into their daily lives.   Her goal is to provide the tools and how to use them so they can help themselves, their family and friends as well as the animals that are in their lives.

All services of Trish’s are done “at a distance” either through phone or email.


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