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EBook on Pet Safety

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Pet safety is a daily concern and one we can never let our guard down when it comes to our fur-kids (dogs and cats).  In this book on pet safety you will learn ways to add layers of security at home and things to consider when you travels.  Ideas on dealing with rescue animals and their special needs to help them be safe as they adjust to life with you.  How to help therapy dogs in training and experienced to be at their best while working with humans that are dealing with many things in their own lives.

Pictured in this book are some of my clients dogs that range from rescue dogs, therapy dogs, companion dogs, mixed breeds, and show dogs.  Each come with special personalities and fill our hearts with love.  Keeping them safe from puppy hood to their elder years by using some of the suggestions in my book.

I know my dogs balance my life and I can’t imagine life without at least one dog.  Teaching my dogs to be good travelers is important to me as they go wherever my suitcase goes and the book suggest things that may help you have a better traveler.

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